Insurance Program for Detox Facilities

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) estimates that the abuse of illicit drugs and alcohol results in more than $600 billion each year in costs associated with healthcare, lost productivity and crime. Furthermore, a study by NIDA found for each dollar that is spent on an addiction treatment program, there is a reduction ranging between $4 to $7 in drug-related crimes.

When an individual does seek help for addiction one of the first places he or she turns to is a detox facility. Detox centers are designed to provide patients with the resources needed to not only detox from opiates or other drugs but to also learn how to begin a new life that is not dependent on drugs or alcohol.

Broad Coverage through Our Exclusive Program

Our Addiction Treatment Providers Insurance Program provides a comprehensive insurance program for detox facilities to protect their organization, healthcare providers, employees and patients. Our insurance program includes the following coverages:

  • General Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Sexual Abuse/Molestation
  • Umbrella/Excess Liability
  • Directors & Officers Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability
  • Employee Benefits Liability
  • Cyber Liability Property Insurance
  • Automobile Coverage
  • Property Insurance
  • And More

Risk Management is Key

Part of the success of a detox facility is also having a proper and effective risk management program in place. We understand this all too well as a leader in providing insurance solutions for addiction treatment providers. We see first-hand the types of exposures that can result into losses and negatively impact a facility.

Implementation of best practices and procedures for professional healthcare providers and management to mitigate risk and prevent losses should include: measures to curb slips and falls and workplace injuries on the premises; having sound hiring and employment practices to stem potential allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, among other employee-related claims; strong treatment procedures and documentation policies to lower the risk of professional liability claims; to name just a few. We can provide assistance in these areas.

Learn More About Our Addiction Treatment Providers Insurance Program

We invite you to learn more about our program and how we can help you enter or expand your footprint in this growing and exciting niche. We have a passion for what we do, which has translated into developing a successful program that is an established industry leader working with thousands of treatment programs across the country. Please call Krista Mayes, Program Manager, at 610-808-9556, or complete the contact form on this page, for more information.